Who loves you
Who loves you

Please meet Who.  The sculpture is:  Who loves you.  

I thoroughly enjoy working with stone using hand tools.  The process is slow, The stone and I communicate with each other.  I learn what kind of tools the stone likes.  The stone looks different under different lighting conditions.  After I work with the stone outside, or in my small workspace in our garage, always during the day,  the stone then comes inside and communication continues at night under different lamps.  

Who loves you is a small alabaster sculpture.  It is  pin and sleeve mounted on a piece of  wood which by itself has character.  The overall height is about 8 1/2 inches.  This sculpture was hand tooled.  Parts of the sculpture have not been worked to show the original look of the stone.  The polishing was done with Goddard's paste marble polish.

It is an honor to know that this small sculpture is going to England.  

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