Following retirement in 2005 has meant a move for Nairy, my wife, and Thumper, our Maine Coon cat, and me, to Camano Island and time to enjoy painting acrylic miniatures and working with small stone sculptures.  

As an update, in July, 2015, Thumper went to kitty heaven.  She was 19 1/2 years of age.  

I want people to look at my paintings and smile or perhaps even laugh.  Jack Gunter has said:  “Jerry Finn has a quirky style”.

I am a member of North West Stone Sculptors Association, the Stanwood Camano Arts Guild and the Camano Arts Association.

It is an honor to be represented by Karla Matzke at the Matzke Fine Art and Sculpture Park, 2345 Blanche Way, Camano Island, WA 98282.  phone: 360.387.2759

My pieces have been in a number of shows and exhibits.

I only use the Golden brand of products on my paintings.  Each of my miniature canvases or panels are given 3 coats of gesso.  Only acrylic paint is used on my paintings.  Once the painting is complete, they are given 3 coats of  soft gel medium, followed by 3 coats of gloss polymer varnish with UVLS  (ultra violet light stabilizer).

During my working career I spent 36 years at Pasadena City College, in Pasadena, CA, where, as a Professor, I taught studio television operations. 

Am a Fellow of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), and a Life Member of the British Kinematograph, Sound and Television Society (BKSTS).  

In 1989, received a citation for outstanding service’s to the society (SMPTE), and was elevated to Fellow of (SMPTE) in 1992 in New York.  In 1997 received the Eastman Kodak Gold Medal in Toronto, Ont.  In 2001, the (SMPTE) Presidential Proclamation.  And in 2001, the Risser Education Outstanding Teacher Award, one of Pasadena City College’s highest awards.



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