Cows as pets


If you decide to get a cow for a pet,there are a few important things to remember.  While games with your pet are fun, forget about a friendly game of "fetch".  Cows do NOT fetch!  You throw a stick... and you want it back... you go get it yourself!  OK? That's it... Thank you.  

Have you ever heard of a "lapcow"?  Pet cows do not take lightly to sitting in their owners laps.  (no pun intended... seriously)  For this, one can only be grateful, especially as they age.   Cows do not get excited when you talk about going for a ride in the car... even with the windows down.

Cows do not take to litter boxes!  Don't go there.  Never have... never will!

Yes, some cows do like to walk with their masters, however, it is strongly advised to carry a large bag with you on those walks around the block,  if you want to stay on speaking terms with your neighbors.  

Cows seem to like a leash.  I think it's a bonding thing.

Thankfully, cows do not like to sleep on the bed with you.  Yes, you can sleep in the hay with them, however, they do not sleep on the bed with you... remember that.  Perhaps this is a good thing... even if you don't have a water bed, the horns may cause you to need to mend torn sheets on a frequent basis.  

One good thing about having a cow for a pet is that you NEVER have to worry about being wakened  in the middle of the night because of a hair ball!  

I'm not sure how good of a protector a cow would be... cows are gentle creatures.  Yes, they may "moo" if a stranger comes... however, they may also "moo" if they have just eaten some hay.   You might want to remember this if you plan to put a sign in your yard that reads "beware of cow" .  Yes, "beware of bull" is another issue, however, that is NOT a topic of this blog entry.  NO SIR!


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