Inside Story
Inside Story

Inside Story is a small pyrophyllite sculpture about 5 inches tall.  This piece was sculpted using hand tools.  It is pin and sleeve mounted on a piece of waxed wood.  

I enjoy working with pyrophylite.  I feel that I need to listen to the stone and see where it wishes to go.

Inside Story has gone to a new home.  I had the wonderful opportunity to meet the person who adopted Inside Story.  During our meeting at the Matzke Gallery he showed me photos of his home.  His home reflects his love for beauty and art.   Oh my!... so many art pieces by world class artists!  It is an honor to know that Inside Story is in his exceptional collection.

My closing words on Inside Story are:  how I love working with pyrophylite.  how delightful it is to see the story of the beauty of the stone be loved by others.

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