Why there are no new paintings on my site


Life was so much more simple when I was growing up.  Our ice cream "hang out" place had vanilla, chocolate and every once in a while, strawberry.  Ohhh, I just remembered their root beer floats!  Our little town didn't have any traffic lights.  Our town cop drove the family car.  TV was so totally awesome... although, I don't think we used that expression then... it was black and white, with a lot of snow.  A computer was a really complex mechanical contraption that could perform some complex functions like adding, subtracting... and I don't remember what else.  

Well, just over a week ago my Macintosh Power Book computer got ill.  Actually, a cooling fan developed a problem.   Before it completely self destructed, I shut it down.  My wife and I went to the Apple Store on the mainland where we were told that the good folks at Apple no longer had parts for my heirloom 7 year old computer.  

The solution to this predicament was to spend a princely sum to get a new laptop computer.  Once our Jeep was loaded with boxes and pages of notes, taken while talking with the patient sales person, we headed for Camano Island.  Thinking it would be a "beautiful day in the neighborhood" once again, I was able to transfer the information from my old laptop to the new one before the feared meltdown occurred.  

My moment of elation was cut short when I discovered that some of my old... antique, in computer life, software stuff wouldn't work.   Well humpf and uff dah!  To go out and buy the newest edition of Photoshop would cost more than I've paid for some cars I've owned in the past!

So, I've been playing with some of the programs that came with my two digital cameras.  Well, I'm still not numbered in the directory of  "happy campers".  

I ask for patience and will once again get some more of my little paintings up when I determine which course of action will solve my quandary.  

In the meanwhile, I'm remembering when my Smith Corona typewriter was 7 years old, it still seemed like a new wonderful machine to me.  Ahhh, life was so much more simple then.  

Rats!  We don't have any root beer.


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