Good heaven’s!  I’m retired and I don’t seem to have enough time to do all of the things I want.  Yes, it’s also true that I don’t do what I do as fast as I used to do what I did; or, for that matter, as much or as often, but that’s another story.  My gripe du jour is: it doesn’t seem as if there are enough hours in the day to adequately devote time to the stuff that rocks my boat!... yes, I like boats, and lived, for a while, on a couple of them... this is bound to be stuff of a future blog entry.  

Since I was a kid... man, that was a long time ago... I’ve had an intrigue with horology.  As a paperboy, one of my customers was a jeweler who had a great deal of patience for my many questions.  He would show me the movements of watches on which he was working and explain how he would even make parts for some problem areas.  

This intrigue with watches has never left me.  One of my favorite web sites is TimeZone where other WIS (Watch Idiot Savants) hang out and worry if a particular strap on their Flieger Chronograph makes their arm look fat.   

Oh goodness!  There it was in mid June... one of the fellows had placed a post for these great paintings of Sabina Delillo, his Significant Others... she paints watches!  Oh my gosh!  She has blended a love for watches with art!  If you also have a love for wrist watches, click on this link, you will be in for a real treat.  Ahhh, but she doesn’t just paint watches!  Her European  architectural paintings are magnificent!

Be certain to visit her section for paintings in progress on her web site.  You  are in for a treat... I’ve seen several progress stages of a wonderful street scene in Paris.  

She is a born artist, and it looks as if she has quirks... for example, she uses her arm as a palette!  Can’t you just imagine the conversations in that household?  ... “Karl, does this anthraquinoid red make my arm look fat?”


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