Venus de Stanwood poses for Hector Picasso
Venus de Stanwood poses for Hector Picasso

Sold during Art Aloft.  

This sculpture is of chlorite.  This piece is about 6.5 inches tall.  The back side is raw chlorite so a person can see the texture of the stone.  It has been sealed with thinned boiled linseed oil and given a coat of Goddard's marble polish.    It is my first sculpture and is based upon lectures by Tracy Powell during a stone sculpture workshop held at the Matzke Fine Art and Sculpture Park in 2012.   These lectures were monumentally inspiring.  During one of the lectures Tracy said that sculpture is an art form which is able to be enjoyed by a blind person.  I attempted to have texture, negative and positive spaces, angles, and curves in this small sculpture.  

This sculpture is pin and sleeve mounted on a marble base.

This sculpture has gone to a new home in Snohomish.

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