Honey Moon
Honey Moon

The two nations of the Pacific northwest had lived in peace for many generations.  His was a nation to the South, known for sharing the beauty of  life through creative artful expressions.  Hers was a nation to the North, with a long heritage of passing along knowledge to the youth and a fervent desire to learn.   Both of these young people were recognized as being special, and were loved by their respective nations.  

Each night, with the setting of the sun, they would take walks along the river.  Each night they would take slightly different paths, where they would find comfort in the solitude and music of the river to search their souls for what they would discover within.  Each night, they would pass, yet never be aware of the closeness of the other.  

Both nations had many names for the full moon, just some of them are Full Wolf Moon, Strawberry Moon, Thunder Moon, and Long Nights Moon.

One night, as a full moon was rising,  they were both attracted to the beauty of the golden honey light shimmering on the water.  Just as they were about to pass each other, they discovered a reflection in the water.  It was at that moment he saw her, she saw him.  The moon had brought them together.  In the days to come, they would spend many nights sharing their thoughts and dreams as they walked together.  

Both nations celebrated their union which was held along the river during a full moon which they agreed would henceforth be known as Honey Moon.  

I enjoy sculpting pyrophyllite.  I feel it is a special stone to work with because one must listen to the stone.  Perhaps it is like people.  We can be brittle, quite hard in places, yet very soft in others.  We resent being told by others what we "should" be.  

Honey Moon is a sculpture from a piece of pyrophyllite which is about 8.5 inches tall including the jasper wood base.  The sculpture is pin and sleeve mounted and has been hand worked.

This piece of stone is amazing!  In places it is quite easily worked and in others incredibly difficult.  There are areas with, what I believe could be called, multiple inclusions. 

Honey Moon has gone to a loving new home.  It was purchased at the Matzke Fine Art Gallery on Camano Island, WA.

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Enjoyed the commentary behind the “Honey Moon” and admired the sculpture...absolutely lovely
-- Moufida, 10/29/18