A Little Prayer
A Little Prayer

Sometime ago, I purchased a primitive little Mexican tin shadowbox frame.  It isn't polished, the glass paneled door is slightly skewed, the edges do not quite have a symmetrical shape.  Yet, it has a special charm.  

For the longest time, I didn't know what to do with the box, yet, I knew it must be the home for something with meaning.

A tiny shrine?  

I used a small fragment of alabaster and hand tools only, a handheld saw blade, files, and sandpaper, to carve a cross which is not quite symmetrical and primitive in appearance.  It is not finely polished.  The wood came from a freshly cut piece of arbor vitae tree.  It has some bark and some cambium layer.  I feel that the color of the wood will alter with age.

The sculpture has been attached inside the frame using double sided tape and clay. 

This little sculpture was adopted at the Matzke Fine Art Gallery on Camano Island, WA.

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