Jerry, this was my first visit to Finn Art Camano. Enjoyed viewing your work, it is inspiring, I most enjoy your sculpture, but must say I also find your painting very immersible, meaning I can look at them for long period and still see something new. Well I am saving up to make a purchase, and will be in touch when i'm ready. Your friend Ray Bush.
-- Raymond M Bush, 4/30/21

Congratulations to the most recent adoptive parents of your art Jerry. I am sure your art will bring a smile.
-- Nairy Finn, 10/29/20

Beautiful work from a peaceful heart. Thank you for sharing your talents. Love to Nairy.
-- Marcie Ambrose, 9/15/20

Friend of Mike Briggs here in Marin County. I love your site!
-- Nate Sumner, 12/29/18

What a great selection of your art, Jerry! I am delighted to see the versatility of your work. You are so prolific and sooo good. You may end up as an "Artist Laureate" of Camino. Inger
-- Inger, 10/23/17

Jerry - as usual - I loved your newest addition(s). Awesome - really enjoy revisiting the site.
-- Moufida O'connor, 11/29/15

Jerry! I don't know if you remember me, but we worked together at PCC. I knew Nairy as well, I'm here at PCC, 17 years and still going! Your work is beautiful and I may want to purchase something for my brother's b-day in June. Can you e-mail me a brochure? Anywho, I wish you both (and the cat!) all the best and I hope you are well and loving life up north- Cheers! Lisa (Alicia)
-- Alicia (Daniels) Austin, 2/4/14

Such freshness to your works. I enjoy the variety of textures (slate, mahogany). Thank you!
-- Stan Coutant, 11/2/13

Mr. Finn, Lovely work. Fits you well. Best wishes to you and your wife. Be well, Maria Canales
-- Maria Canales-pickel, 6/30/13

as always I enjoy viewing your paintings. Jerry...what is the scoop with SCAG Gallery? Who is eligible and describe the commitment and obligation. Thanks so much. Am not painting right now as am having eye surgery at end of the month. least to me Love to you and wife... Sue
-- Sue Morrison, 7/8/12

So nice meeting you. Let's keep in touch! If you go to the River Gallery on Saturday give a shout @466-3166 If I can i'll see you then. Gerald
-- Gerald Johnson, 10/9/11

Always a pleasure to see your work Jerry. I miss you my friend. I would truly like to see you soon. Because of time right now I am unable to visit, but if you are down south please let me know ahead of time. Huge hugs to you and your beloved.- Ruben
-- Ruben H. Diaz, 5/12/11

Jerry, I had no idea of your artistic ability. Your work is wonderful. Bob McNeill
-- Bob Mcneill, 4/12/11

Always like to revisite your site ,the work is outstanding! Happy New Year to you.
-- James Lasenby, 1/31/11

Always like to revisite your site ,the work is outstanding! Happy New Year to you.
-- James Lasenby, 1/31/11

I love your paintings...especially Cowsmonaut Wendy, it made me laugh.
-- Carla Ferrer, 1/31/11

We missed you at the SCAG meeting. We were told you were doing well. Congrats'. Go paint a new one now that you can see again. Dorothy Faydo
-- Dorothy Faydo, 11/1/10

Foxy Lady will have a loving home Jerry. Thanks for the kind words on my doll. I enjoy all of your writings that you send w/ea. See you soon. L.S
-- Lois Sharpe, 9/2/10

My husband and I are coming to the NW this summer to visit my brother in Port Townsend - so we'll definitely swing by and say hello and see your beautiful little works of art. xoxo Pat
-- Pat Parkinson, 4/13/10

Lovely art. You should have been teaching in my department at PCC instead of communications. :)
-- Carole Butler, 4/13/10

Hi Jerry;Your Web-Site is really cool. I really enjoy your work, and your comments are off the wall.No wonder your work is so good, you use Golden Acrylics !
-- Rudy C. Coffing, 3/30/10

Always a pleasure to see your elegance in miniature full-forms.
-- Ruben H. Diaz, 3/2/10

Thank you Jerry. This is great.
-- Dorothy Faydo, 2/19/10

Susan Cohen ThompsonHi Jerry! You are a delight to work with - thanks for helping hang the Snow Goose art exhibition. Your website is great too, and your paintings are little gems! Best regards, Susan Thompson
-- Susan Cohen Thompson, 2/18/10

I love your work!
-- Kassa, 2/15/10

It's no wonder Nairy is always smiling! Your clever blogs kept me chuckling as I enjoyed my morning coffee. The history lesson of Whidbey Island. Deception Pass and Puget Sound is a priceless gift to those of us who share your love of Camano Island. Keep the humor coming! Hugs to you both...
-- Liz Tarbet, 1/20/10

Very nice, Jerry. Well executed. Definitely shows your artistic bent.
-- Norman W Wilson, Phd, 1/20/10

Neat work my wonderful friends. I'm trying to see if they'll give me a site for my 501c(3) Lions at no charge. Maybe we'll be "neighbors" Roy
-- Roy Lesher, 1/18/10

I enjoyed seeing your minitures and your web site. You have encouraged my husband, Jack Dorsey, and I with your comments about our art. Your paintings and energy add a lot to our area --- Keep up the good work !
-- Ann Cory, 1/8/10

What a wonderful art blog - I am so glad I found it finally. Have a wonderful holiday season. All my love, Dana
-- Dana, 12/26/09

Lovely work,great things come in small packages. Just discovered this site,glad to be a part of it.
-- James Lasenby, 11/3/09

Hi Jerry, You have a very interesting and wonderful website! Boy, have you ever been busy! Congratulations with all your accomplishments. Inger
-- Inger Moen, 7/29/09

Good luck at Art at the Bay this weekend ! I'll miss you here and am looking forward to what small works you bring me next. And a BIG thanks for all the wonderful people you bring to the Gallery. Karla
-- Karla Matzke, 7/6/09

Must get you out from underneath the proverbial bushell basket. Your works are wonderful. Very best of everything to you! Roy!
-- Roy Lesher, 7/4/09

"Mark Clark's Theme" is so peaceful to me, and at the same time, hopeful. Maybe something about the little river flowing into the big bay, meeting up with friends. I dunno. I just enjoy it, and your style in it.
-- Lynn Harrill, 6/27/09

Angelique Renee' Washingtonvivid, intricate yet simplistic...lovely philosophy of art n life...
-- Angelique Renee' Washington, 5/27/09

Pretty Awesome Mr Finn. : ) i love your Depth of Field and extreme Detail. I feel the vibrations of the colors Reflection. Keep it glowing. Mr Ruben DIaz PCC Alumni
-- Ruben Hector Diaz, 5/21/09

Very nice paintings. I hope to buy one soon. Glad to see you are thoroughly enjoying your life on the Island.
-- Colleen Duffy Felix, 5/16/09

Jerry, check my email address. I think you have my name as courier, it should be currier. Also, I want to buy some pictures, if they are still available. I would like Tangelo Times, Endymion, Island Colors and Southland Plus. Colleen will be getting in touch with you too. I am so happy for you all. To be someplace that gives you pleasure every day. What a gift. You all deserve it. All the Best, Paul.
-- Paul Currier, 5/8/09

Hi Jerry, Please give me a call when you have a moment, 206.915.4663. Pamlea Searcy CAA
-- Pamela Searcy, 4/22/09

Jerry, wonderful site with a unique form of talent that is in and of itself.
-- Joe Rexach, 3/14/09

Great work!! A renassiance man indeed. Did I spell that correctly? Is Nairy also doing atristic endeavors as well?
-- Paul Currier, 2/9/09

Enjoyed very much browsing through the galleries - My daughter loved the paintings I bought for her. Great work. Your paintings DID bring a smile to our faces.
-- Moufida O'connor, 11/23/08

Marie-Claire DoleI love your work, refreshing, inviting and yes it makes my heart smile...
-- Marie-Claire Dole, 11/23/08

Hi Jerry! Glad to see you put your art work online so we can enjoy it. Sounds like you are having a fine time. Happy Holidays, Dixie
-- Dixie, 11/19/08

What a stunning site! I am impressed. Continued success, and thanks for sharing this with us. Stan and Dixie
-- Stan Coutant, 11/17/08