Think big, paint small.


OK, we’ve all heard that one should “Think big”... “Bigger is better”... or in the fast food lingo, “May we super size that order?”  Well, I’m thinking that I would rather have my art small... then it is able to be enjoyed on a more personal level.  

It was an honor to, once again, meet a lady who had bought two of my little paintings during the 2008 “Art by the Bay” show.  She said they are now in her kitchen where she starts her day with her cup of coffee.  I like that!

In Sydney, British Columbia, there is an art gallery where I remember seeing works by an artist who paints miniature landscapes.  I recall thinking that they were jewels.  I’ve vowed to return to this gallery, and at least, learn more about this artist.

Just one of the pleasures in life I’ve been able to experience is living on boats.  Believe me, that is where one can really appreciate beauty in small space.  Some of the boats I’ve visited were exquisite, with their finely inlaid teak and multifunction areas.

Perhaps I’ve been drawn to small places.  I would much rather live on a small island rather than in a city.  I am in awe of the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright.  Yes, I know that  visions come to mind of his stately mansions, or his important commercial designs.  However, after seeing a number of the beautiful “coffee table books” with photos of his homes, and visiting a number of his homes in California, his studio in Oak Park, Illinois, and walking in the area where a number of his designs are located in that pretty city, in my mind I come back to La Miniatura, the home he designed for Mrs. G.M. Millard in Pasadena, California... that’s my favorite.   

I love cars... perhaps it’s a guy thing.  My first car was a 1955 Buick.  Goodness!  Large... think “Exxon Valdez with wheels”.  I think the one car that I’ve owned that I enjoyed the most was my “two seater” 1967 Lotus.  Heaven knows, it wasn’t reliable... however, what it lacked in reliability, it more than made up for in style.  

I enjoy painting miniatures... I can get lost for hours painting one of them.  Now if only I could get this same train of thought working on my ever growing waist line.  


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Marie-Claire DoleThank you for your fun Newsletter and new art, yes your paintings are like jewels !
-- Marie-Claire Dole, 3/11/09

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