WAHOO! - not Wahoo, but - WAHOO!


WAHOO! Now, I know what you are thinking... Wahoo, Nebraska, roughly between Omaha and Lincoln.  No, that’s not it.   Note that  I spelled it with all capital letters... as in yelling it.  YIPPEE just didn’t seem to express my feelings.  Oh Goodie... no that doesn’t do it either...  I’m just not a “yippee” or “oh goodie” kinda guy.  

WAHOO!  I am going to be having some of my little paintings at the annual Art By The Bay Show on Camano Island, July 11 and 12.  The show opens at 10 AM and closes at 5 PM.

The Utsalady School is on Arrowhead Road on Camano Island, Washington.

I had not been planning to show at this years Art By The Bay because of too many commitments, however, the draw of good friends, music and food are too much to resist.

If you are anywhere west of the Missouri River and north of Sacramento, California, and south of Wasilla, Alaska during this time, be certain to attend.


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Spring Art Show 2009


Upon entering the Patron’s Party for the 2009 Stanwood Camano Arts Guild Spring Art Show, I glanced over to where my paintings were hanging.  There it was, a beautiful golden yellow ribbon indicating third place for Cross Island Camano.  

Now, three days later, I’m still in a state of disbelief.  Over the weekend I had a chance to look closely at the other works in the show and I’m even more in shock.   There were some wonderful pieces by very talented artists in this show.  

Later in the evening, it was quite a delight to find a red dot on the title card.  Today (Monday 8 June) I had the pleasure to deliver this piece to its beautiful new home on the east side of Camano Island.


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