Island Time


As a child it seemed to be an eternity between one birthday and the next one.  I think we’ve all heard a child answer the “how old are you?” question with an answer like:  “I’m 6 1/2 years old.  

Each year passes more quickly than the one prior.  So I think I’ve found a magical way to slow time down just a little... move to an island.  Not just any island, Camano Island.  In the summer the daylight starts early in the day and there is even some light remaining at 10 PM.  

There really is such a thing as “island time”.  Perhaps this is just another reason why I like to live on Camano Island.  The pace of life is just a little more slow.  Even the maximum speed on the road is 50 miles per hour in some areas; and that is just for a short distance. 

“Boring” is not a word I hear.  

An island is an ideal place for children and adults.  We can each be free to experience island time  and on our own time reference continuum.  Yes, an island is a place where a kid can be a kid... no matter what age.


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